We invite your feedback as we work with the city of Boston to finalize our plans for Seaport Square. The comment period extends through February 15, 2010.

Send your comments to the Boston Global Investors team by clicking on the link below.


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Download DPIR/DEIR

On June 30, 2010, MS Boston Seaport, LLC (the Owner, comprised of Morgan Stanley, Boston Global Investors and WS Development) filed the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) with the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act office for the development project known as Seaport Square.

Download DPIR/DEIR

These submittals outline plans to develop a new urban neighborhood spanning 23 acres in South Boston's Seaport District. The Owner has held a series of six public meetings about Seaport Square with the South Boston community to date; for more information, view thepresentation from the January 6, 2010 meeting.